Colocation Server – he Need to Know

by | Mar 1, 2013 | Web Hosting

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A colocation server is simply a server that is homed outside of a business’ facility. For example, a company in one city may choose to house its servers and other IT equipment in a city 15 miles away. When a server is collocated, the hosting company is responsible for ensuring the safety and security of it and even though the equipment is located outside of the business’ facility space, the business owner still has full control of what information goes on the server and how it is used. This means that a colocation server remains owned and maintained by the business owner, but the colocation host is responsible for keeping the hardware safe.

Is a Colocation Server Right for You?
Since there are so many types of hosting services offered today, it can be difficult to decide which one is best for you or your business. For some, the expenses of collocating a server aren’t worth it though businesses who own a colocation server know the true benefits of the service.

Keep Bandwidth in Mind
One of the main benefits behind using a colocation server company is the fact that these hosting providers often offer high levels of bandwidth, which when purchased in high amounts by a business alone, can get quite expensive. Bandwidth that is provided by a colocation host is usually reliable which means a business can count on fast services. Another benefit is that your business isn’t responsible for paying for any unused bandwidth.

Problems can be Addressed Quickly
If the server encounters any bugs or problems, the on-site colocation staff is able to fix the issue. Instead of needing an IT staff at your business location, you can probably get away with needing just a few technical employees since most problems with the server can be fixed by the colocation host.

Considerations When Choosing a Colocation Server Host
Since your business’ IT infrastructure and equipment will be in the hands of another company physically, you want to ensure that the host you decide to do business with is not only experienced but has a proven reputation and is able to provide all services your business requires.

Choosing a random host definitely isn’t the wisest decision since in the end, the company you choose will be one you’ll work with for years upon years. Take the time and effort needed to find a reputable and dependable colocation host to guarantee safekeeping of your equipment.

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