Basic Design Tips from a San Jose Web Site Designer

by | Dec 4, 2012 | Web Design

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When it comes to web designing, templates are pretty readily available and save a lot of time for the San Jose web site designer, and the effort required is pretty much reduced to server scripting and setting up the site, although feeding the client new content and design concepts is an important part of web designing. Here are some common errors that you should avoid while making a website for your clients.

Unique Web Design
The first mistake is the fact that today every San Jose web site designer wants to use the most popular templates. This can make your website seem very common. You should avoid copying from other designs and try to be unique. Using the same templates as others will also reduce your site’s credibility.

Effective Design Habits
The basic idea behind using templates is to reduce the time for format coding and CSS editing. While San Jose web site designer providers usually understand this fact, there are examples of designers that try to make too many changes resulting in the same amount of time spent as a regular web designer will have to spend to build it from scratch. So try to be unique with your content and graphics rather than spending your precious time on customizing the template over and over.

Client Satisfaction as a Priority
Sometimes a situation may arise that you find a perfect template for your website but the contents, logos and pictures used by another San Jose web site designer may not suit the niche of your site. In this case don’t make the mistake of not choosing to redesign the template, instead take time out from filling content and edit the areas necessary. A few careful steps will go a long way in keeping the client happy. Keep these principles in mind while doing the changes absolutely necessary for the niche, and not for appearance only.

Matching Client Design Needs
Another common mistake that a web designer can make with templates is that the absolute structure of the template does not suit the site needs. For example, if the site is static and does not require a forum, chat support and other dynamic features, do not choose such a template no matter how attractive it looks. You can always get a better one through a little research. In the end, choose the template that will satisfy your client’s needs the most.

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