Is Secure Cloud Storage The Right Solution?

by | Jan 12, 2021 | Web Hosting

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There are many different ways to store data. Unfortunately, not all offer the levels of security that many assume they provide. For example, an in-house server may be vulnerable to hacking from the inside of an organization. It can also be susceptible to damage from heat, moisture, or even surges in the power supply.

Even secure data storage through external hard drives is not always secure or safe. These hard drives can be stolen, the files can become corrupt, or the hard drive itself may be physically damaged, making it impossible to retrieve data.

The Benefits of Secure Cloud Storage

Top cloud service providers offer high levels of security through the cloud, with the option for the business to enhance security to meet specific needs and protocols. As the cloud relies on multiple servers for storage and for processing power, the risk of loss of data is limited.
At the same time, secure cloud storage providers also offer backup and disaster recovery services, which are sold as a service. This is a cost-effective way for a business to always have access to real-time data in the event of a disaster.

The choice of secure cloud storage includes the use of end-to-end encryption, even for use in the public clouds. The encryption means that even if the data is breached, it is unreadable in the encrypted form, rending it useless to the hacker.

The cost of cloud storage also makes it a practical solution for a business. It is less expensive than purchasing and maintaining an in-house server, while offering full scalability and flexibility to meet the needs of a growing enterprise. Visit for more information.

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