Creating a Killer Webpage to Attract Visitors

by | Mar 11, 2013 | Web Design

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When you are creating a webpage, you are in competition with millions of other websites with similar content. You have one shot to grab a viewer’s attention to show them what you’ve got. Content is extremely important, and you want it to catch people and capture their interest to keep them coming, so that your traffic numbers will soar. Pages will need to have a central focus that either gives valuable knowledge or tries to make a sales pitch. Below are a few tips that will make your webpages amazing if you follow them.

Capture the Attention of Web Surfers

Making your pages very straightforward and to the point is what viewers want. Try using an active voice with your written text, and use active verbs to make your text sound interesting. Make your content catchy, and try to make it fresh and unique from other sites that are similar. Knowing who your viewers are and what they want is the key to creating a great webpage.

Keep the Style Simple

When you brainstorming ideas to design your webpages, make sure that you use headlines. This will allow your viewers to easily see at a glance the information that they are looking for. Explain what you’re about in a paragraph or two, and try to take a journalistic approach with it. Technical information should be minimal, so that it doesn’t bog down your page to where the viewer becomes confused. Everyday vocabulary is best. Most of your viewers will want to feel comfortable while reading your content, so try to keep it professional as well as conversational in nature to where they feel like they are on an equal level. Keep your paragraphs short, and try to stay away from excess white space if at all possible. Make sure that your text isn’t overly wordy. You want to make your point without overdoing it.

Attention to Detail is Critical with Website Design

Site design does not have to be complex, and some people often forget this. A simplistic style that gets the job done is what people prefer. The most important thing to remember is that you have to make a great first impression on your viewers. This can make or break whether or not your site is successful. Pay close attention to what your viewers want, and show them why they should bother with your site. If they have to work hard to get the information that they want, then they will click off of your website as fast as they clicked on. Keeping the site clean and organized well will be the key to making killer webpages that are extremely popular.

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