Want to Improve Your Health? You Need to Try Health Products With Aloe Arborescens as the Main Ingredient

by | Sep 29, 2020 | Health Care

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Most of us are familiar with with aloe vera in some form or another. As a kid, your mother most likely used aloe vera gel whenever you got a sunburn. Yet, you probably have never heard of Aloe Arborescens. There are 300+ different forms of the Aloe family and the plants comes in many forms and in various regions across the world. However, Aloe Arborescens contains a vast amount of medicinal and therapeutic elements that well surpass its family member, Aloe Vera. As a matter of fact, Aloe Arborescens contains more than 200% more healing properties than Aloe Vera. Here are some example of how Aloe is used.

Organic Aloe Juice

First up is organic Aloe Arborescens juice. This is made by grinding or crushing Aloe Arborescens leaves and then purifying the liquid. There’s a gel like substance in the Aloe Arborescens plant leaves. Then, combined with some other natural ingredients, Aloe Arborescens juice is concocted and used in many cultures around the world for boosting the immune system, healing various ailments and therapeutic properties. Aloe Arborescens is full of vitamins, minerals, and even folic acid. Aloe juice can also help improve your liver function, as well as detoxing your body in a healthy manner.

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera on the other hand is a close relative of Aloe Arborescens. Most everyone has heard of Aloe Vera, but it contains different properties than Aloe Arborescens. Truth is, there’s more gel found in the leaves of Aloe Vera plants and therefore, large retailers can get more product created using the Aloe Vera plant. It was mass produced and you commonly find the green gel in your local store. It can be used to treat sunburns and inflammation. However, while Aloe Vera is great for treating inflammation and skin irritation, Aloe Arborescens actually contains more than 200% more healing properties than Aloe Vera. However, there’s less gel that can be extracted per Aloe Arborescens plant. Nevertheless, cultures all over the world have been using Aloe Arborescens as the main ingredient in their healing products for decades.

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