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A beautiful garden and landscape can make a huge difference to not only the property value of a home, but also the usability. Having a finished landscape extends the living space of a home to the outside, providing a place for relaxation and gatherings. That being said, it requires a lot to make a landscape beautiful. Whether its rock, grass, or bark mulch that’s desired, they are sure to make a huge aesthetic difference.

Rock is great for adding a bit of natural beauty to a landscape. Designers can implement rock into any form of decoration, from paving to retaining walls. There are numerous types of rock that can be used in a landscape, all of which is strong enough to use for construction, yet beautiful enough to blend in with natural plants and foliage. Rock is often utilized to contrast normal gardening and used as flooring. It’s a great material to use when building an outdoor kitchen or patio.

Grass is the quintessential landscaping material. While it’s naturally found in many backyards, it’s often replaced. Natural grass can be patchy and discolored due to improper watering and weed infestations. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to dig out old grass and replace it with new grass seeds or sod. While it’s not often given a second thought, there’s many difference species of grass that homeowners can utilize depending on their needs. Either way, replacing the grass of a landscape can make a huge difference and provide the polished look that many homeowners desire.

Bark mulch is a great material that offers many different uses. Mulch is shredded bark that’s often utilized in gardens to cover soil. From a gardening standpoint, it preserves moisture and prevents the growth of weeds. Not only is mulch beneficial to a garden, but it provides a wonderful aesthetic value. It gives gardens a uniform look that contrasts flowers and foliage. It can also be used in walkways and playgrounds as a sturdy material to walk on. With the numerous places to get Bark in Graham WA, it’s easy to find a style that will work for any landscape.

With the number of different materials that can be used in a garden or landscape, it’s not difficult to implement style and functionality to the backyard. All it takes is a bit of research and inspiration to create the perfect backyard getaway!

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