How a Holter Monitor Can Be Beneficial to Patients With Heart Problems

by | Oct 16, 2020 | Health Care

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Most people in the medical industry are familiar with a Holter monitor. Yet, there are still some health care providers that may not be familiar with all the benefits. These devices are small, battery-operated monitors that use electrodes to monitor the heart rate. They are the first choice when it’s necessary to record the patient’s ECG over time. Learn more about how these devices work and their effectiveness.

Why Might Patients Use a Holter Monitor?

The purpose of using this type of monitor relates to problems with the heart rate. Most patients will need an ECG Holter monitor if they have been experiencing problems with an irregular heartbeat. In some cases, a physician may prescribe medication to control the situation. The monitor is used in conjunction with these medications to confirm whether they are effective. Holter monitors can also be used with a pacemaker device to determine if there are any problems.

Does It Pose Risks?

Some patients are reluctant to use a medical device like the ECG Holter monitor. To some, it seems intrusive and poses a risk to their health. The truth is just the opposite. A Holter monitor does not have a negative impact on health. Furthermore, it is easy to wear and does not cause discomfort. The small electrodes connect to the chest with a tape or other type of adhesive material. Thus, there is nothing for patients to fear.

In Summary

Holter monitors are some of the most effective tools that doctors have at their disposal. In most cases, technicians are responsible for setting up the device with patients. These devices provide critical information that can help save the patient’s life in the end.

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