Jeep JK Steering Stabilizer Relocation Kit Adjusts Ground Clearance

by | Oct 16, 2020 | Automotive

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Rugged sport utility vehicle owners often take the road less traveled. While it’s fun to blaze an unknown trail, drivers don’t quite know what they’re getting themselves into on those adventurous detours. The Jeep JK Steering Stabilizer Relocation Kit addresses problems associated with ground clearance and the potential tie rod and axle damage from rocks and other hazardous objects which tend to tear up the Jeep’s undercarriage. Before moving forward, do remember that these type of kits work best when installed on factory axle bracket mounts. If the bracket mounts or tie rods happen to be aftermarket, then one should seek the appropriate set of proper mounting brackets.

What comes included as apart of this vital kit? Let’s begin with the bolt-on double sheer bracket. Track bar hardware is used to connect the sheer bracket to the factory axle mount so that the properly trained automotive technician can lift the stabilizer above the tie rod in order to raise the ground clearance. The exposed track bar bolt head allows adjustment of the track bar hardware without having to remove the stabilizer or the bracket itself. How is convenient is that?

Those that are interested in do-it-yourself projects are encouraged to unbolt the steering stabilizer and attach the Jeep JK Steering Stabilizer Relocation Kit to the axle, loosen the tie rod mount, and then reinstall the steering stabilizer. This kit is particularly useful for Jeep vehicles from 2007 up to the present. The track bar bolt combined with a flanged nut keeps the accessories from loosening after installation.

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