Want That Fresh Northwest Cedar Smell in Your

Posted by Isaac jacobs, on Oct, 2020

The Great American Northwest is known for many things. Rain, camping, highly wooded areas, rolling morning fog; all things beautiful in nature you see often and probably accept if not take for granted. Know what else the Seattle, Washington area is known for? Timber work inside homes and businesses. Because there are so many evergreen trees in this state and lumber is plentiful, a lot of it is used to build and decorate homes and businesses. Most notably and readily recognized is the cedar custom molding in Seattle homes and businesses have throughout their structures.

Imagine the Scent of Cedar Every Rainy Seattle Day

A big reason why cedar custom moulding in Seattle is such a big deal is that it brings the scent of the woods in Washington state indoors. Growing up with the smell of the woods, people here miss the smell when they are inside. They bring the custom moulding and woodwork indoors and make it from cedar and pine to give every business and home that outdoorsy smell that is very soothing and comforting.

Cedar Mouldings Double as Bug Defense

Cedar fights off all kinds of home and commercial building bug pests because the bugs don’t like cedar oil. When you have custom mouldings made of cedar, the bugs are less likely to squiggle underneath or between to get into your space. The mouldings also look warm and beautiful no matter where they are installed. From floor moulding to crown moulding, customers can find a product that suits their residential or commercial needs.

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