A Traditional Cremation Service in Auburn WA for Funerals

by | Oct 15, 2020 | Cremation

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When a loved one passes, many people realize that they never spoke with the deceased about what type of service or arrangements they want made. This is an emotional time for everyone involved, and the decisions that need to be made can feel overwhelming. One simple option that can cut down on stress during this time of heartache is to go with a Traditional cremation Service in Auburn WA. A traditional service is respectable and what many people expect for a friend or loved one that has passed.

Cady Cremation Services & Funeral Home is one funeral home that offers a traditional funeral service. For those who aren’t sure what this is, it is a classic service that usually involves a vieweing, the actual service, and then a gathering at the place of burial. The viewing usually takes place in a private home or in the funeral home. This is a set time on a set day where those that knew the deceased can come and go to pay their respects. The person who passed is there for guests to view, pray for, and available for those who want to say a final goodbye.

The funeral is a time when people gather as a group to pay respects to the deceased. There may be a preacher, pastor, or religious leader who leads the funeral. Friends and family may stand and speak about the person, and sometimes a person, a choir, or those in attendance will sing. It all depends on the decisions that are made in the funeral planning process, as well as if the person has a religious preference. With a Traditional Service in Auburn WA the deceased is transported in a hearse to the place of their burial. Family members may be transported in a limo.

At the grave more words may be said and there may be additional prayers and people speaking final words. This is usually the last step of a traditional service. Just as with other services, everything can be personalized to fit the needs and wants for friends and family. This type of service is respectful, classic, and takes a lot of the guesswork out of planning a funeral service.

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