The Stump Grinding Process in Fayetteville GA

Posted by Isaac jacobs, on Nov, 2020

When you contract a service to remove trees from your property, whether it your home or business, what will typically be left is the stump of the tree. In most cases, having the stump removed will be an extra expense that is not included in basic tree removal. However, if you want to leave no trace that a tree ever existed in an area of your property, you’ll want to consider a stump grinding Fayetteville GA service to handle this aspect of your tree removal.

If you contracted a tree removal service, you may inquire about them having the remaining stump of the tree grounded down. However, not all tree removal services offer stump grinding.

In some situations, you will be required to contact a service that specializes in stump grinding. Because of the different materials and equipment that are used when grinding down the stump, many tree removal companies won’t offer the service. That’s why you should check with a tree service ahead of time to see if they offer this service. If they don’t, you may be able to speak with them about a referral to a stump grinding service.

A company that specializes in stump grinding in Fayetteville GA will use very specific equipment to get the job done. Often, they’ll use a compact grinder that has a large oscillating wheel. This wheel is equipped with hundreds of individual steel teeth.

Once the machine is positioned next to the stump, the wheel begins to spin at a high velocity and chew away or grinds down the stump to below ground level. Once this is done, soil is placed over the remaining roots of the tree and from there, you can fertilize or re-sod the area leaving no trace of the tree that was recently removed.

There are many ways to remove the stump without contracting a stump grinding service. However, these methods can take a great deal of time and aren’t always guaranteed to work on every type of tree. If you’re looking to completely remove the tree, stump and all, and your best option is to contact a stump grinding in Fayetteville GA. They can come out and assess your property and give you an estimate as to how much grinding your existing tree stumps will cost, and how long the process will take.

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