Services Provided By Commercial Electrical Contractors In Newnan, GA

by | Nov 24, 2020 | Electricians

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In Georgia, business owners must mitigate electrical risks every day. According to requirements and building codes, the owner must assess the property to eliminate premise liabilities. These liabilities could lead to personal injuries quickly.

Commercial electrical contractors in Newnan GA provide services to eliminate risks and make the property safer.

Risk Assessments and Maintenance

The electrical contractors conduct risk assessments and maintenance services. In an electrical environment, arc flashes are common place. They can occur at any time and often without warning. An electrical contractor conducts maintenance services to assess the machinery and electrical connections. If they discover issues, they must follow lock out, tag out protocol to mitigate the risk of an arc flash.

Complete Electrical Inspections

Electrical inspections are conducted to determine if there are any risks present. This includes all electrical connections throughout commercial buildings. All outlets, lighting, and connections for HVAC systems are tested. If any risks are found, the contractors must follow the necessary steps to eliminate them. This lowers the chances of a fire, explosion, and electrocution in the workplace. It can also lower the chances of damaged equipment that is used on a daily basis.

Repair and Replacement Services

Repair and replacement services are performed for the entire electrical system. This includes HVAC systems and connecting wiring systems. The contractors perform repairs or replace any damaged wiring. The services prevent service disruptions and keep the work environment safer for everyone.

New Installations for Businesses

The contractors complete new installations for businesses as well. They manage the updates and electrical renovations for commercial properties. They also follow necessary steps for installing a new system in a new construction. The installation must be reviewed by a building code inspector at the end of the project.

In Georgia, business owners must mitigate common issues that affect the company and workers. These risks are often associated with electrical systems. The electrical systems must be maintained at all times. This prevents fires and the risk of electrical shock and explosions. Business owners who need the services of commercial electrical contractors in Newnan GA can contact us today.

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