Three Tips to Improve Your SEO

by | Dec 8, 2020 | Internet Marketing

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The golden standard for Search Engine Optimization is getting good links and keywords. That’s the bottom line in SEO, what you absolutely have to start with to get your site to the top of the results page. However, it is by no means the end of the story. Improving and maintaining your website is a never-ending exercise in creative solutions. Here are a few possibilities.

Expand Your Methods of Maintaining Traffic

Your website may be a perfect specimen, but the algorithms for SEO are ever-changing. How do you maintain a customer base when the unforeseeable happens. There are plenty of ways. Subscriber content, like a newsletter, is an excellent place to start. Keeping your customers in the know through external sources will function as a buffer against fickle search engines.

Make Your Site Mobile

Let’s face it: searches for local services are increasingly being done on the fly from tablets or smart phones. When you’re out and hungry, you don’t want to run home just to look up a possible restaurant. Websites without mobile versions instead show up in their original form, looking extremely small on the screen. Having a mobile version makes information much easier to read on the go, as well as giving you an easy platform to show promotions. Your local SEO agency in Chicago will help you to determine just how critical a mobile version for your site will be.

Social Media Is Where They Talk About You

By now there are social media sites for just about everything, but not every social media site has your clientele waiting. A critical breakdown of the services you offer can lead you to the sites you should prioritize. Does your business deal with visual elements? Instagram or Flickr are the sites you need to show your stuff on.

Lastly, the final skill that a dedicated SEO seeker needs is patience. We often perceive the internet as the cultural instant gratification center, a place where results can be obtained by the click of a mouse. But in truth, SEO is like any other business and marketing strategy: lots of planning, lots of implementation, lots of setbacks and solutions. Do not get frustrated, and remember, if you are completely lost or flummoxed, talk to your local SEO agency in Chicago – EM Search Consulting for personalized assistance!

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