The Advantages of Using a Kapton Film Heater in Fox Lake, WI

Posted by Isaac jacobs, on Oct, 2020

When looking for a flexible heater that is both durable and accurate, then the Kapton brand is one you should definitely look into. Users have reported many benefits from using this particular brand and here are just a few that you can expect to enjoy.

Highly Resistant

As far as all of the negative things that a flexible heater can come into contact with, a Kapton Film Heater is resistant to virtually all of them. They are resistant to both water and chemicals. They are also resistant to less common things such as fungal growth, vibrations, and even radiation. These types of heaters are incredibly durable.


Flexible Kapton Film Heaters are used in some of the strictest industries in the world. They are used in military applications where the mission is critical and failure is not an option. Soldiers use laptops which are fortified with Kapton heaters. They are also used in airports where they screen for bombs and use mass spectrometry.


There are many ways these film heaters are versatile. First off, they come in dual-voltage options. Secondly, their profile is very thin so they can be used for heating items that are very complex in design. They can be inserted into items that other heaters simply cannot fit into, this is why they are used in such prevalence in the military and security industries.

If you are in need of the best flexible heaters on the market, then choosing to use the Kapton brand is a very smart choice.

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