Understanding the Complexities of Medicare Health Plans in Surprise, AZ

by | Oct 21, 2020 | Insurance

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Before people realize that age 65 is approaching rapidly, they typically don’t give much thought to Medicare. Most simply view the program as health insurance provided by the government for senior citizens. They figure it’s like signing up for Social Security retirement benefits. In reality, the options for medicare health plans in Surprise, AZ, and elsewhere are complicated. A number of decisions must be made to make sure the best coverage is obtained for an individual’s needs.

Part D: Prescription Drugs

Just one example is the decision whether to add a prescription drug plan, which is Part D. Payment for prescriptions is not offered in standard Medicare, which includes A and B. Part A commonly is free because the premium is based on how many calendar quarters a person worked and paid into Social Security. Other parts and supplements like Medigap have premiums.

People sometimes consider not including Part D in Medicare health plans in Surprise, AZ, because of the additional expense. They might never have needed any prescription drugs except, perhaps, for a low-cost blood pressure medication. However, if they do buy Part D later, they must pay a penalty for signing up late. Since the need for prescriptions correlates with getting older, choosing it early can be advisable.

Figuring Out the Best Options Seniors need to figure out what options are best for their unique financial situation and healthcare needs. Further information about Part D and other optional plans are provided by Ideal Insurance Agency, which offers contact information at .

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