Colocation Server – The Need to Know

Posted by alex, on Dec, 2012
A colocation server is simply a server that is homed outside of a business’ facility. For example, a company in one city may choose to house its servers and other IT equipment in a city 15 miles

Basic Design Tips from a San Jose Web Site Designer

Posted by phineasgray, on Dec, 2012
When it comes to web designing, templates are pretty readily available and save a lot of time for the San Jose web site designer, and the effort required is pretty much reduced to server scripting and setting

Using a Bay Area Website Design Company to Promote Your Business

Posted by phineasgray, on Oct, 2012
If you are into online marketing or have a business with a website, a Bay Area website design company will be one of your best assets regarding future success. Having a nice looking site will create trust

Many Uses of Intrusion Prevention Software

Posted by phineasgray, on Aug, 2012
Intrusion prevention software, also commonly referred to as an intrusion detection and prevention system, is a network security tool that monitors system activities including a network to protect the system from any form of intrusion. This type

Determining the Best San Francisco Website Designer

Posted by phineasgray, on Aug, 2012
If you are thinking about hiring a web development firm to create a website, among the first things to consider is monetary cost. There can be a huge difference between website builders and their rates. As a

Usability Should Be the Priority of Website Design

Posted by phineasgray, on Apr, 2012
Good website design strikes a balance between aesthetic appeal and ease-of-use. Many websites are clever tributes to programming genius, but all the bells and whistles don’t necessarily help users who just want directions to the Astros stadium

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