Essential Elements of E-commerce Site Design

by | Jul 9, 2018 | Internet Marketing

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One of the most understandable mistakes a brand can make is putting all their effort into marketing, product, and ads, and nothing into design. But a mistake it is, nonetheless. It doesn’t matter how well you advertise your product, if the design of the site (the main way a lot of your customer base is going to learn about your product) isn’t up to snuff, you’re going to lose many potential business. So what needs to be done? Well, if you’re looking for e-commerce website design in Minneapolis, here are the most essential elements of e-commerce site design.

Good content

More than half the battle of website success is providing good content. After all, why else would someone come to an e-commerce site if not for the content provided? You need to create content that informs your users and conveys expertise on the subject. You also need professional quality images that immediately grab the audience’s attention. Images that get the messages across in one viewing will grab far more viewers in far faster a fashion than any wall of text will ever accomplish. It’s easy to think less of your audience for behaving this way, but really, the truth is that they have little time per day to look at the websites they frequent. People are busy, so it’s up to you to make sure that you get their attention, and give them good reason to stick around.

Consistent, easily utilized design

The key to a good theme is consistency. You need to keep your design theme consistent throughout the entire site, without a single break for too long. And if there is a break in the design, it should only be for good reason, and not for very long. It’s here where you will learn that color theory is your friend. You should choose a color scheme that incorporates and exudes your company’s core message subconsciously through the feelings invoked by the colors you’ve used in the design.

A structure that supports the design

The very bedrock of good design is structure. The design is there to pull people in, but the structure keeps them there and unable to escape. The structure refers to how people get around, how easily they can find the products they’re looking for, and how well organized everything generally is. Good structure is vital to the survival of a website. While users will generally click off of a site if it doesn’t load in 3 seconds, no matter how fast it loads, people will still click off if they can’t find what they want in a fast, easy manner.

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