Planning For CRM Integration For Atlanta Companies

by | Apr 20, 2018 | Software Development

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CRM or customer relationship management software is an effective, streamlined yet incredibly detailed way for any Atlanta business to manage all interactions with current customers and their target audience.

Having all the information required in one place to plan advertising and marketing campaigns, to understand customer behavior and to even forecast the future potential for a business is always a benefit.

Most businesses use some type of CRM, business management, quality control and sales types of programs. The issue is they are separate and standalone programs, which means it can be difficult to see the big picture. With CRM integration, all necessary information for business decisions are in one program and offer a full big picture as well as the granular view.

Planning the Integration

Planning for CRM integration is perhaps the single most important factor in the success of the process. It is essential to consider what data needs to be transferred and integrated and how the transfer can most effectively occur.

Issues such as data formatting, storage restrictions or other factors need to be considered before the process starts to prevent unexpected errors during the process. As there may be multiple programs and years of data to integrate, this is not an inconsiderable part of the process.

Know the Processes of all Programs

Unfortunately, it is not enough to know the processes used in the CRM software; it is also critical to know the processes involved in the software to be integrated. By working with professional IT teams experienced in these software options, as well as the integration process, errors can be avoided and data losses eliminated.

It is also essential to set up the CRM integration databases and systems to use common language and terms across the Atlanta business. This is an often-overlooked issue which results in incorrectly entered data, which in turn provides inaccurate reports and poor information for decision making.

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