Best Reasons To Use WooCommerce Development Professionals

by | Jul 11, 2017 | Software Development

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WordPress originally started as a blogger site, but it has quickly expanded to become one of the largest and most used content management sites on the web. Still popular for blogs, it also has a significant impact on an eCommerce site through the use of the WooCommerce plugin.

The WooCommerce Advantage

While WooCommerce is a free, open source software, there are a lot of advantages to hiring a WooCommerce development professional at some point in time. For most businesses, this is early on in the process as it is harder to relaunch a poorly designed or average site than it is to invest in getting an ideal website and having a single, well-promoted eCommerce site launch.

Professional Benefits

Other important reasons to consider hiring a WooCommerce development professional include:

  • Limited customization – while the plugin does provide templates and themes they are not fully customizable with limited areas and options of the site that can be altered. Without having programming expertise, the do-it-yourselfer is limited as to how creative and unique the website can be.
  • Setting analytics – WooCommerce does come with some basic analytics that allows tracking of traffic as well as data about customer behavior on the site. However, this is not advanced or highly refined analytics. For those companies wanting a complete picture of customer behavior, how social media campaigns are impacting eCommerce sales or in incorporating CRM software with the data from the website, WooCommerce development professionals will be necessary to set up the systems.
  • Scalability – there is some level of scalability built into any template and the system has some APIs that can be used to expand the ability to exchange data between different applications and programs. With professionals involved to develop APIs and to build in additional growth potential, there is no limit to how far your eCommerce business can grow.

Talking to different development companies specializing in WooCommerce will help you to understand the cost of the project and how you can break the project down to meet your budget.

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