4 SEO Trends to Follow This Year

by | Jul 17, 2017 | Web Development

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SEO changes at a rapid pace. Here’s what you should look forward to in terms of popular and prominent trends for search engine optimization (or SEO) efforts in CT:

Optimized for queries

As more and more people rely on the Internet for information, the use of queries instead of mere keywords grown. At Lionleaf LLC, we understand that it’s now more crucial than ever for businesses like yours to identify user intent and develop content that resonates with your target market.

Rich answers

These days, when people go online and search for a recipe, they don’t just get a list of links on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Google now offers rich snippets and images so potential customers get a better idea which pages fit their search parameters. You can take advantage of this feature by hiring search engine optimization pros in CT to help you add a structured data markup to your site.

Cross-channel marketing

Search Engine Journal says this is type of marketing focuses on using several channels to reach out to your consumer segments. If they don’t want to download your app, you could still send them targeted ads depending on their search results and social media pages. An integrated marketing strategy like this offers you a better way to reach out to your audience. By going online and looking for SEO services “near me or around me,” you can easily get in touch with trustworthy experts nearby.

Mobile optimization

If your pages still aren’t mobile-friendly, you’re locking yourself out of a huge market. With the growth of mobile consumption, hiring an SEO agency close to you to help you out and ensure all your pages are mobile-friendly in the future is the kind of move that will keep your organization relevant and in business.

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