Uses For Various Types Of Sand In Graham

by | Aug 27, 2020 | Topsoil supplier

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Sand in Graham has numerous uses for construction purposes and for landscaping. It is used underneath pools to level the surface and for the same reason under patio pavers. It is also a decorative addition that reduces the risk of weeds along pathways and garden areas. It is also a popular product that can be used for the actual surface material in decorative gardens. Which type of sand used will depend on what project is being planned.

Concrete sand in Graham, is used for many construction purposes. This is a coarse material that is washed and screened and is a heavy duty product that can hold many items securely in place. The pieces of this sand press together over time and do not shift or slip the way finer sand will.

Some pool filters used sand to keep the water clean. They use sand that is specifically made for this purpose. It is a small, fine-grain sand, similar in appearance to many play yard brands. It is not the same, however, as it is cleaner and less dusty, making it useful for pools but also acceptable for aquariums.

Sand is also an ingredient in ball field clay. The mixture of sand, silt and clay must be done properly, or it will not work correctly. Done wrong and it can become too hard and clumpy or be dusty and shift too easily under the feet of the athletes. Companies that sell a variety of sand products will sometimes offer this type of clay.

In addition to its decorative and leveling uses, sand also has other purposes. It is commonly used to pack metal pipes to make them easier to bend without crimping or deforming the metal in some way. This type of material is known as pipe-bending sand.

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