The Top 4 Features in Modern Car Wash Controllers

by | Mar 3, 2016 | Computers

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Some automobile businesses have started a smaller business segment of a car wash to earn and make a substantial amount of profits. Previously, a car wash was simple, but the current modern carwash market is a whole new ballgame. To increase revenues and attract new customers, the modern car wash services grant the customers with new offers. They are also constantly looking to improve efficiency which together brings in some extra proceedings.

Furthermore, customers have encouraged the carwash market by favorably experiencing their new offerings of bright foam, car wheel shine applicators, LED lights, wheel scrubbers, and many more. The positive response of the customers has modernized the carwash market and hence the car wash controllers have become more advance and modern. These controllers include the traditional function as well as the newly added functions.

They are responsible for ensuring the efficiency, expanding the controllers, detection of vehicle’s profile, conversion of information, providing notifications online, and many more. While, four of the points listed below highlight the key features of modern car wash controllers:

1. Vehicle Profile Detection
Now a day, car wash controllers can detect the vehicle’s profile however previously only car wash services were provided to the customers. It is necessary to recognize the vehicle in a car wash as the washing process for every vehicle is different. For instance, in a pickup truck, the bed is not filled with soap. The sensors linked with the controller helps in detecting the exact location of bed in a vehicle.

2. Information Conversion
Controller systems can measure the vehicles and convert that information to chemical consumption data. This characteristic reduces the wastage of chemicals; make appropriate amendments in the functions and changes operations for different sized vehicles.

3. Advance tunnel control System
The advance car wash controller reduces the chances of employee mistakes as the controller itself makes sure that the correct services are delivered by tracking the vehicles’ profile. The key to a good tunnel control system is that it needs to be integrated with a high-end wash preferred by the customer and providing the customer with that tight integration is all about giving customers an amazing experience.

4. Web Interfacing Controllers
The real advancement that lies in the modern controllers is interfacing with the web. A cloud-based scalable environment can be generated by connecting the low-cost micro controller to a web-based service. This web connectivity is granted even through smart phones which is another aspect of the modern controllers.

These web interfacing controllers can be operated via mobile phones, iPads, computer, laptops or tablets. They help in managing the use of energy, management of variable frequency drives, reporting on machine’s input or output, revealing wash counts and detection of various other problems. In addition to this, the relevant information is sent to the operators and car owners via emails and text messages.

Modern car wash controllers have redefined the car washing methods. Through these technological advancements, the modern controllers are able to wash the cars safer and quicker. The development in the controllers will continue to be backed up by more technology and modern amenities favorably cutting down labor cost and bringing in new advances to the car washing industry.

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