Adding a Printer to Your Computer: What You Should Know

by | Feb 8, 2016 | Computers

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Many people only have a computer at home, without any special additions. However, you may realize that you need a printer at home to help with schoolwork, legal forms, and other documents. As you setup your computer with a printer, you need to follow the steps for your computer exactly.

Step One: Connection

The first step you need to take is to physically plug in your printer and power on. Though this may seem like an obvious step, it is often the most commonly skipped step in the process. By turning on your printer before handling any other tasks, you ensure that the computer can properly receive power to handle tasks. Some computers have a specific port to plug into, when you choose to install a printer.

Step Two: Setting Up the Drivers

When you purchase a new printer from an electronics store, the box typically comes with instructions about installing the software. Once you connect the printer to your computer, insert the disk and wait for it to automatically pop up. In the event the CD doesn’t not automatically play, look in My Computer to open up the CD. The CD will contain an installation wizard, adapting your computer’s software to connect with the printer. Once the printer is properly installed, you are ready to proceed to the final step.

Step Three: Testing the Printer

Once everything is hooked up, print out a test page. With some printers, you may just have to print a regular document. However, with most printer models, plugging in the device for the first time or changing the cartridge will automatically trigger the computer to print out a test page to make sure everything is lined up accordingly. If your printer passes the test, you are ready to print documents and pictures. If not, you may need to consult with the manufacturer or an expert technician to aid in your printer setup.

Problems with Setup

Sometimes, you may have difficulty setting up the printer, even if you follow instructions carefully. Issues that arise may be due to the printer being improperly configured, or your system may not have the appropriate updates. Follow the instructions detailed in your printer’s packaging. If you continue to have difficulty with your printer setup, you may need to contact an online or local computer repair store to consult with a technician.

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