The Evolution of Mail

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People today often claim that using physical mailing services is “old school.” With the power of technology, one can scan, fax, email and take care of many of their mailing needs online. However, there will always be a need for physical mailing services, especially in regards to sending packages, and large corporations benefit from the ease of mailing coupons and sale advertisements to those living in target locations. Companies may not have access to peoples’ email addresses, but they can use new technologies such as geocoding to acquire addresses and send mail. The evolution of the traditional mailing system has resulted in many new technologies that make mailing easier and more cost effective than in the past. This article provides an overview of such technologies and how they have transformed the system.

Intelligent Mail Barcode

The Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB) is the latest generation of technology for sorting and tracking letters and packages. It uses encoding and decoding algorithms to link data to physical mailings. Many people take for granted the benefits of being able to track their mail throughout its journey. The latest USPS mailing software for IMB is relatively new and available in multiple computer languages. Just as technology has exploded in recent years, IMB technology has taken off as well.

Data Processing Software

New data processing tools are available to help individuals and companies manage lists more easily, from simple lists to numerous bulk mailing lists. If a specific item or address is needed, then this software can search through lists using only a few letters or pieces of information. It can perform quality control checks, translate data from one form to another, manipulate the layout of the list or document, add or remove punctuation, and much more.

Address Validation Software

One of the most beneficial transformations of the industry, especially for organizations with bulk mailing lists, is the development of address validation software. This software compares mailing lists with the addresses maintained by USPS to ensure accuracy, and it can standardize addresses to prevent delivery failure due to misspellings or incorrect abbreviations. It can also identify and eliminate duplicate addresses to save companies money.

Numerous other technologies and USPS mailing software have been developed, including the ability to presort mail to maximize postal discounts, print postage from home/work, and design personal labels. The traditional mailing system has been transformed in recent years and continues to provide effective, affordable services.

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