Forget About LAN, It’s Time to Go Wireless

by | Nov 29, 2017 | Website Promotion

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While some businesses still use local area network technology, it’s difficult to share data with people outside the office. This is one of the main reasons why or businesses want wireless networks in Reading, PA area. A wireless network will provide a common point of network access so your employees can use devices such as smart phones to communicate with each other. While there are many benefits to using a wireless network a couple of the top include speed and security.

Even the Slower Wireless Network Speed Is Fast Enough

When it comes to speed, medium to small sized businesses can benefit from even the slower speed provided by a wireless network. It’s plenty fast enough for everything you need. It’s nice to know that even slower speeds fast enough to be able to run your business effectively. Of course, you can always utilize higher speeds at any time.

Wireless Security Is Great

Network security is vital to your business. The security for wireless is quite good especially when you’re using the most current encryption technology provided by professionals. You should still make sure you have the proper security in place since this is essential for every business. The experts can help you implement strong software and hardware for security solutions as well as guidance on implementing stronger passwords.

Increase Mobility Is One of the Biggest Attractions

One of the biggest attractions concerning wireless networks is the opportunity to enjoy increased mobility. What this means for your business is that employees can be anywhere inside a building and still access your server. It’s a new mobility convenience factor that allows you and your employees access to information from your server so they can work anytime from anywhere within reach of your wireless network signal.

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