Lawyer Representation Near Providence RI for Malpractice by a Psychiatrist

by | Oct 13, 2020 | Lawyers & Law Firms

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A mental health patient who wants to sue a psychiatrist may contact a medical malpractice attorney near Providence, RI. These lawyers typically provide free consultations so potential clients can learn whether they have a good case. If the two decide to work together, the lawyer gathers the required evidence and then contacts the doctor, the medical facility, and the insurer with a demand for compensation.

A medical malpractice attorney near Providence, RI, must prove that harm happened because of the psychiatrist’s negligence or direct actions. This can be difficult for doctors who specialize in mental health services. If a patient’s mental state worsens, that does not necessarily mean the psychiatrist is responsible.

It also can be difficult to prove that the doctor is at fault in regard to negative effects connected with prescription medication. In some instances, however, a doctor continues renewing a prescription long after most medical professionals would consider this to be reasonable.

Bipolar patients may need to take antipsychotic medicine for a lifetime, but patients with panic disorder could start abusing sedatives anti-anxiety medicine. Benzodiazepines like alprazolam and lorazepam are addicting if taken routinely. A doctor who continues renewing these prescriptions when it is obvious the person is using the drug too frequently might be held responsible for physical dependency and the need for rehab.

Refusing to renew the prescription without informing the patient of the need to taper for withdrawal prevention also might be considered malpractice. Withdrawal symptoms can be life-threatening when someone addicted to benzodiazepines stops taking the drug suddenly.

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