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by | Oct 9, 2020 | Dentist

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The wisdom teeth are the final molars to cut through your gums. They typically begin to cut through between the ages of seventeen and twenty-one. Many people experience wisdom teeth problems each year. They can range from problems with the teeth being sideways in the gums or having no room to come in. When this happens, people often need Wisdom Teeth Removal Macon, GA services. This allows the dentist to remove the wisdom teeth so they do not cause problems with your other teeth and do not cause you pain.

What Happens When You Have Your Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Wisdom Teeth Removal Macon, GA is done through a surgical procedure. You will first receive anesthesia. Most dentists give their patients a general anesthesia when having this surgery so they are asleep and experience no pain and discomfort. It is important you follow your dentist’s instructions for eating and taking medication so you do not experience any issues during the procedure.

The dentist will first make an incision in the wisdom tooth area. The incision allows the dentist to carefully remove the wisdom tooth. Once removed, the dentist will stitch the gum tissue and move on to the next wisdom tooth. Most dentists will go ahead and remove all of the four wisdom teeth so there are no issues with any of them in the future.

How Will You Feel After Your Oral Surgery?

Once you wake up from your oral surgery, you will most likely feel a little groggy and may begin to experience some pain. This is normal and your dentist will promptly treat the pain and will send you home with instructions and pain relief medications. You may experience some swelling and soreness for a few days. It is best to stay on a soft diet so you can avoid any problems. You should follow your dentist’s instructions explicitly, so your gums heal properly.

If you are in need of wisdom teeth removal, contact Providence Dental Spa today. They can provide you with a variety of oral surgery procedures and treatments so you can keep your smile healthy and looking beautiful.

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