Forget Auctions And Sell Direct To Buyers

by | Jun 29, 2015 | Web Marketing

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As a merchant wanting to sell your goods, you’ll find that nothing can be more upsetting than having to split your profits with a third party website to list your goods. This is a problem that has recently been remedied by the single best site to sell online, and its name is Kungphoo. The uniquely designed site is a great place to come together with other like-minded people to discuss, sell, buy and promote your products. They are offering you a completely socially driven website that is entirely free to join and use.

The Upside Of Social Interaction

By getting to intermingle with your consumer base you’ll have the chance to bounce ideas off them for future products, and even offer them special sales specifically on this website. They will in turn be able to discuss what you’re selling directly with you, or with other people who use or have used your service in the past. The bottom line is that it’s a central location for free word of mouth interaction. Kungphoo offers you the chance to use the internet in the same fashion as a storefront. It will be a lot like having hundreds of people passing through your doors, and getting the chance to talk to you and ask questions.

Focus On Specific Areas of Content

If you’ve got a niche business, and you offer services or products that are not commonly seen, then you will have the opportunity to create communities on Kungphoo called circles. These circles act as a platform for discussions to take place and offers or links to be posted directly to your content. This is a service that is also provided with no cost to you. If you start taking advantage of this now by joining already active circles you can begin posting right away and making connections, so when you’re ready to take the leap into your own circle you’ll be well prepared.

Gone are the days of sharing your hard earned profits with greedy websites just to list your products. You don’t have to just post and hope something will happen, but you can finally take charge of your own online presence in the best way you see fit. Use Kungphoo and you’ll open up a whole new avenue for advertisement and selling opportunities. This is the best thing to hit the internet for independent sellers in a long time, and you’d be making a big mistake if you didn’t at least give it a try.

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