Here’s What You Should Know About Pay-Per-Click Advertisements

by | Sep 4, 2019 | Internet Marketing, Web Marketing

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Pay-per-click ads are a type of advertisement that all but explain themselves. For every time a potential customer clicks on one of them, the buyer of the ad pays a set amount of money per click. Buyers can also opt to pay for how many impressions their ads make, which refers to how many times a web user’s screen has scrolled past them. Read on to learn more about PPC ads.

Their Price Is Determined by Bidding

Platforms like Google AdWords serve as a platform – kind of like eBay, in a sense – on which buyers of pay-per-click ads bid how much they’re willing to pay per single click or per however many impressions – usually 1,000 impressions at a time. The highest bidders are rewarded with ad placements. Bids are carried out for different categories of advertisements, which are typically based on keywords. Loans, mortgages, and attorneys are often the most expensive, whereas long-tail keywords and rarely-used keywords are often the cheapest.

Different Mediums of Ads Cost Different Amounts

Text-based PPC ads are the least expensive, which often come in the form of the top few search results on Google. Image ads are more expensive as they’re more likely than plain text PPC ads to bring in customers. These often are placed on the sidebars of websites. Video ads cost the most and are almost always reserved for sites that play videos, though they sometimes pop up on social media.

Some Keywords Keep Ads Away From Unqualified Searches

Despite being related to your business, some keywords actually aren’t ideal to advertise on. Providers of PPC services in Birmingham, AL, often use keywords that unqualify ads from certain undesirable search terms – known as negative keywords – as one of the tricks up their sleeves. Even though you could take on such a strategy on your own, paying for such PPC services in Birmingham, AL, is often worth the cost.

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