DSL Internet Providers: All You Need to Know

by | Mar 22, 2022 | Internet Service Provider

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Technical jargon can get confusing. However, the DSL technology is not too difficult to understand. DSL stands for Digital Subscriber Line. 
This technology delivers high-speed networks or access to the internet using phone lines. There are different types of Digital Subscriber Lines as follows:

• ADSL- Asymmetric DSL
• VDSL- Very high-bit-rate DSL
• HDSL- High-bit-rate DSL
• SDSL- Symmetric DSL

Over 93% of American adults use the internet. A huge chunk of them uses internet providers that use DSL technology.

Understanding DSL Internet Provision

More often than not, customers looking for internet service will land on a phone-line-based DSL service.

DSL internet providers are readily available. They are ranked second after satellite internet in terms of availability.

Nearly 89% of U.S residents have access to this great option. It reaches rural areas and is more efficient than satellite services. Satellite services have restrictions such as high latency and strict data restrictions. 

DSL internet provision is also relatively cheaper. However, the speed is underwhelming. If you cannot find fiber-optic internet, your next best bet is DSL. 

How do You Find the Best DSL Internet Companies?

There are numerous ways to find the best providers close to your location. All you should do is input your address online and get a comprehensive list of companies on reputable websites. 

Once you get the list, compare internet service provider performance. Read the reviews left by other customers to see the weak points of each provider. 

Most providers have a lot of internet plans. The speed and delivery of service differ, depending on which provider you use.

Although most deliver from 10Mbps to 500 Mbps upwards, it’s always good to be sure. The kind of broadband the provider uses also matters.

If you reside in a rural region where getting fiber-optic internet is hard, go for DSL internet. It might not be as fast as fiber-optics, but it’s better than satellite connectivity. 

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