Brief Properties Of The Residential Broadband

by | Mar 9, 2017 | Internet Service Provider

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Residential broadband is an innovative technology that provides internet connection of a high bandwidth for homes and businesses. When this technology was still new to the public and recent, it used to include cable and DSL technologies primarily. Currently, WiFi technology is the most prominent. More advanced technologies are to be anticipated with future developments.

Why is it Approachable to People?

1. Broadband vs Dial-up: Broadband technology is considered to have successfully displaced the dial-up technology that used to be the only way to get internet on your computer. It allows convenient connecting to the web without involving the home telephone line. Moreover, it has beaten dial-up by providing limitless internet without interruptions. Broadband is a great deal faster and more reliable than dial-up used to be.

2. Freedom of surfing: People in their homes are given the opportunity to freely explore the internet without restrictions that are usually issued in other premises such as educational and business locations, which limit their access to a specific domain related to the premise. A residential broadband connection also allows limitless downloads and uploads of different files, videos, games and programs.

3. Keep in mind: The internet connection provided by residential broadband technology is usually purchased annually and sometimes monthly. The consumer is free to install the residential broadband internet being cable-based or wireless. Each of these two technologies has its own advantages and characteristics, but in general, they have the mutual feature of being more advanced internet access methods by providing unlimited connection for prolonged periods and, in case of using the wireless technique, for multiple devices at the same time.


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