Custom Kiosks for Enhanced Customer Experience

by | Oct 28, 2015 | Computers

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For a small enterprise that is just getting started or any type of company that is looking to expand, custom kiosks offer benefits and convenience that can help in growing a successful business. Kiosks are becoming ever more popular around the world and are finding their way into many service areas such restaurants, parks, hotels, information areas including airports, conventions, and apartments and other areas such car dealerships. At GoToKiosk, we can help you build or update your indoor or outdoor custom kiosks.

Kiosk Types
There are several categories of kiosks we can create to match both your business and your preferences.

Point-of-information kiosks are used to inform or educate and are frequently integrated with product promotion or service kiosks that have catchy messages and offers which can attract more customers and build greater brand identity. We can add custom graphics, logos and decals to such kiosks and integrate a custom designed user interface so that your kiosk will stand out from your competitors.

Service kiosks can provide services that are free or for-pay. Government organizations, for example, use these kind of kiosks driven by the public’s demand for increased hours of business and shorter wait times in such applications as renewing a driver’s license, automobile registration or for opening bank accounts and obtaining mortgage rate information.

Vending kiosks are like a store-in-box and can be used by museums to dispense tickets or by airports and tourist bureaus to sell maps. Internet commerce kiosks that connect directly to the website of a business let consumers purchase products to be delivered to them at a later time.

Kiosk Benefits
All of the types of kiosks have numerous benefits. Information kiosks can provide information 24 hours a day, seven days a week, minimizing the need for customer service personnel and increasing overall efficiency. Kiosks make it possible for vendors to expand their reach—and enhance their profitability—by selling goods and services in locations other than their storefront. Kiosks also attract consumer interest and ultimately increase sales by providing product information customized to each user’s interests and needs.

Let us work with you to make your custom kiosks meet your specifications and desired appearance. You can select the hardware, software and other features for a total solution that will maximize the benefit to your business.

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