5 Factors In Finding The Best Social Media Trainer For A Conference

by | Nov 6, 2015 | Internet Marketing

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As a conference organizer, either an in-house professional development conference or for a larger conference for an industry, finding top notched presenters is always a concern. This is particularly true for keynote speakers who are going to be critical in getting the conference off to a well-received start.

One of the really hot topics for any type of sales conference is in the constantly evolving field of social media marketing or SMM. As social media is now critical for most businesses, particularly those engaged in B2B sales, bringing in a top social media trainer will really create interest for attendees.

To determine the best social media trainer for a keynote role, keeping a few important factors in mind can help narrow your selections. There are five that really have to be addressed before you book the speaker as you want someone in place that is going to get everyone excited about the rest of the event.

Experience as a Keynote

Whenever possible, zero in your search for social media experts who have provided keynotes at major events in the past. It is very different speaking to a room of hundreds of professionals as opposed to doing a small department training or one-on-one consultation.

Presentation Style

Don’t be afraid to ask the social media trainer to provide a description of their presentation style. Most of the top presenters will have a multimedia approach that addresses auditory and visual learners as well as allows for interaction between the audience and the speaker. Typically for a keynote this will be a Q & A session at the end as opposed to interaction during the main part of the presentation.

Real Experience

One thing that resonates with a professional audience is a keynote speaker who has real world experience in SMM and in digital sales. Be very careful of presenters who have limited practical knowledge as a professional group will pick up on this very quickly.

However, it isn’t just social media experience you should look for. The trainer should also have a background in B2B sales of either services or products, and ideally with both.

Top Social Media Presence

This may seem obvious, but spend some time going to top social media sites and seeing how the professional you are considering is represented on those sites. Pay particular attention to LinkedIn and Facebook and how the professional utilizes these sites for their own marketing efforts.

Sample Presentations

Never hesitate to ask anyone you are considering as a keynote social media trainer to provide a short sample of a presentation they have done. Speakers will have these snippets readily available, and they may even be posted on their website or on YouTube.

Getting a good idea of the professionalism and the presentation style will help you to choose a keynote speaker for your next sales and marketing conference, ensuring your event gets off to a great start.

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