With Predictive Lead Time Software, There’s No Need to Guess

by | Jul 25, 2019 | Software

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No matter the industry, lead time variability is always a challenge. While preemptively over-stocking can prevent you from running out of supplies, it can lead to inventory deterioration and increased storage-related costs. Conversely, ordering supplies when you need them can put you at risk of disaster in the event of a late shipment. To avoid this dilemma and optimize production, use predictive lead time software.

Save Money with Predictive Lead Time Software

As mentioned before, preemptive over-stocking is a surefire way to drive up storage costs and risk inventory deterioration. While ordering your supplies as you need them can keep these costs down, if you don’t want to risk stalled production in the event of an unexpected delay, predictive lead time management software can help you order exactly what you need, when you need it. By using transactional data to produce accurate forecasts, predictive lead time software can give you reliable projections about how much inventory to order and how long in advance to order it.

Use Predictive Lead Time Software to Optimize Production

In addition to providing accurate data, predictive lead time software can optimize production by reducing risk. With adaptive capabilities, this software can help you predict lead times for any time of the year. Additionally, the sophisticated software can analyze data to identify troubling trends and find the best suppliers for your specific needs. Using these trends and other historical data, the software can initiate corrective processes to help you overcome lead time variability and optimize production.

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