Why You Should Consider Using VoIP Business Solutions

Posted by Stan Pritchard, on Jan, 2014

Technology in the world has been improving and making life easier. The business arena is one that has benefited from the development of technology. For instance, through the innovation of VoIP Business Solutions, business people can communicate more easily in a more cost effective method. It involves efficient delivery of voice communications and high definition video conferencing over Internet Protocol networks such as the internet.

Communication is vital in any business, and in every part of our lives. Communication has helped to reduce insecurity and enhance development.

Why are VoIP Business Solutions from Veritivity the best deal to solve your communication needs?

They save you money. Extra charges that you would have experienced from travel expenses, web conferencing, video calls, among a ton more, are now a thing of the past. You can add extra communication lines easily since VoIP allows you to make a number of calls using the same web based cloud communication system.

You are able to communicate more efficiently with your employees and clients. This new technology offers you more ways to remain connected with your employees. It has a feature called “presence” whereby you can determine which of your employees is available and how you can contact them. By the use of this form of unified communications, you can become more flexible and work from any place, and in fact any device, from anywhere in the world It has a lot of great features. This can include; call forwarding in case the person who is calling you cannot reach you , unlimited long distance, high definition audio and video conferencing, voicemail to email and numerous others .

Contact Veritivity to assist you choose the most favorable service from the 3 below;

Hosted VoIP phone system whose main advantage is being cost effective and are paid for monthly. It is provisioned with a high quality internet connection.

IP PBX phone system. This is a bit more expensive since you will have to experience licensing costs for various features.

Virtual PBX phone system. In this system, there are a number of telephone lines that can be converted into seamless class phone systems.

Selecting the most favorable service will ensure that all your business needs are covered. Thus, you will have ample time to focus your attention on more appropriate matters to develop your business.

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