VPS Hosting With Cpanel For Those Who Want Root Without the Drawbacks

by | Aug 20, 2013 | Web Development

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It was not long after the first real digital computers were built that they were hosting virtual ones. The scientists and engineers who designed and assembled these hulking, room-filling beasts quickly discovered the benefits of being to run operating systems and software not just on the hardware itself, but also on a virtualized idealization of it. They were soon outfitting these mainframes with hardware enhancements that made these virtual machines run even more efficiently.
It took some time for such developments to come to the commodity processors that eventually came to dominate the computing world, but virtual private server hosting is now widely available. Inexpensive vps hosting with cpanel is an excellent solution for anyone who needs administrator-level control over a computer, but who does not want to pay the prices associated with renting whole physical servers.

A typical provider of vps hosting with cpanel will offer a wide variety of operating system options, with some providers offering both Linux and Windows-based VPS solutions. Most popular on the Linux side of things for a cheap cpanel vps are packages based on CentOS, although Debian, Ubuntu, and other distributions have plenty of fans, as well.

Beyond choosing an operating system, someone looking for vps hosting with cpanel will also want to figure out just how much guaranteed memory and CPU time will be required. A lightly-trafficked static website on cpanel vps hosting might get by with only 256 MB of memory and a small slice of CPU, especially if the underlying server’s disk IO is up to the task, while a more modern app-based service will generally require more of all of these resources.

Once having made this choices and obtained a plan, the user will find that administering their vps hosting with cpanel is little different from managing a physical server. Users may normally use SSH to connect to Linux-based vps cpanel hosting, and any of various remote desktop solutions to access Windows ones. CPanel itself, of course, is one of the clearest and simplest ways to handle many common administrative tasks, and may even be accessed easily with a smartphone. Once installed from a vendor’s stock image, the operating system may be updated and customized as desired, with the user having full control over such decisions.


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