The Benefits Of Using Linux Hosting Services For Your Website

by | Mar 26, 2013 | Web Development

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If you are searching for the right Linux hosting company you will find you have a wide range of options. The hosting industry is highly competitive and that means you will get more services for a lower price. By doing some quick comparison shopping you can find the right plan at the right price. Many companies pride themselves on excellent customer support and will be happy to offer a money back guarantee, free unlimited tech support, free software and free set-up. With a few clicks of your mouse and a credit card you can get a basic website online in a matter of hours.

Linux is open source software, which means anyone can use it for free. Since Linux hosting companies get it for nothing they pass the savings along to you. Open source also means developers around the world are constantly working on it to make it faster and more reliable. You will avoid the frustration and cost of buying software from a commercial software company and having to wait years before they release an upgrade. Linux is constantly being improved at no cost to you. And chances are that a developer has already written the free code for any additional features you need.

However, if you want to add more features as your online business grows you can hire developers to customize the software. It can be done quickly without a lot of expensive. Linux is compatible with many other popular and free database platforms such as MySQL and PHP. The code is easy for developers to work with because it is so reliable and secure. It is robust enough to be used on the vast majority of supercomputers and versatile enough to run smartphones and tablets. Chances are you will be able to program your Linux hosting account to do any task you’ll need.

If you are not technically savvy you should still consider leasing a server from a Linux hosting company. Many companies have servers with the software you need already installed. All you will have to do is design your website and pick the features you need on it, such as adding a shopping cart, a blog or an appointment calendar. Many companies are now adding on an additional layer of security because of recent natural disasters. They backup your data to servers they have at two different data centers located in different parts of the country. This means that your website will stay up and running all the time.

If you want to grow your online business consider hiring the right Linux hosting company for your website. You will be find there’s a Linux hosting plan to fit almost any budget at 24shells.

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