The Benefits of Using a Fanless Industrial Computer

by | Sep 29, 2015 | Computers

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Computers have come a long way in a short amount of time. While the first desktop models required a pretty serious cooling system which got smaller and less powerful as time went on, today’s technology has allowed for the complete removal of cooling fans when necessary. Thus the fanless industrial computer, such as the models we at PanelPCPro offer our customers, was born.

What makes these machines so special?

They’re Energy Efficient
You might not think that a computer fan could drain much energy. Though a 120mm cooling fan typically uses 3 to 5W of power – not a large number – remember that computers manufactured for industrial use typically need three or four fans. Suddenly, a lot more power is being drawn. A fanless industrial computer, on the other hand, uses a heatsink chassis which draws and dissipates heat generated by components without the use of a fan. This reduces the amount of energy needed, which is helpful for industries in which power must be used wisely. For example, when generators or solar panels are required to generate energy, fanless computers are a solid solution.

They’re Highly Reliable
Computer towers and the components within them are extremely sensitive to heat and environmental conditions. When a cooling fan fails, the temperature of the components shoots up almost immediately. Soon the entire system is adversely affected. A design that allows for the removal of a fan makes the likelihood of failure much lower.

Flexibility of Design
Much of the “standard” look of the computer tower is due to its cooling fans, which require certain positioning and dictate the position of other components. Without a fan, the design of the computer can be changed. A slimmer design means that a fanless computer can fit into places considered impossible only decades ago. Gas stations, ATMs, security systems … these are just a few examples of the slimmer, flatter designs common today.

A Range of Environments
A fanless industrial computer is perfect for heavy duty use, as its lack of a fan allows for it to be fully sealed and easily cleaned. This means machine like those we provide can be used in even the harshest environments.

The smaller and more compact technology allows computing to get, the more standard the fanless industrial computer will become. Wherever new advancements lead, we’ll be at the forefront of providing the most up-to-date solutions to our customers.

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