The 5Ws of Search Engine Marketing

by | Jul 7, 2020 | Internet Marketing

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Search engine marketing is a catch-all phrase that’s become synonymous with online marketing success. Yet some businesses still struggle with implementing SEM, or even understanding what it is. Here are 5 Ws to help you understand how and why SEM matters to you.

Who Needs SEM?

The short answer to who needs SEM is any business large or small that wants to thrive in an online marketplace. Unlike print, radio and other traditional media, Search Engine Marketing allows you to segment and target your audience at levels that are key to success.

What is SEM?

SEM refers to organic search, which involves influencing how a website performs in search engine results, and paid search, which involves bidding on keywords to gain placements in paid ads on the search engine results page. Both can be powerful for your online sales.

When Should You Start SEM?

It’s not uncommon for businesses to put off getting started with SEM efforts. But to get the most out of SEM, it’s best to get started with it as soon as you have the budget. Keep in mind that effective SEM doesn’t have to be expensive. Indeed, rules against pay-for-play organic search efforts, for instance, have negated the expensive black hat campaigns of old.

Where Should You Apply SEM?

SEM is often a highly effective choice for targeting specific branches of your business. Choose areas where you are offering new services to highlight with custom landing pages for paid search campaigns, for example.

Why Try SEM?

Millions of consumers make purchases online every day. SEM lets you get a piece of the pie with search engine rankings and custom ads that reach consumers where they shop and socialize.

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