Monkeys Can Write Shakespeare Not a Website

Posted by Isaac jacobs, on Sep, 2018
Surely you have heard the old saying that ten thousand monkeys given enough time could write Shakespeare. The problem is they aren’t writing for a target audience, they’re writing for the general public. 1 person likes this

Meeting CARF BH Accreditation Standards

Posted by Isaac jacobs, on Sep, 2018
Accreditation is a cornerstone in behavioral health programs, and even if your patients have no clue what the alphabet soup of acronyms stand for, the insurers, regulators, and referring entities will. CARF (Commission on Accredited Rehabilitation Facilities)

Professional Website Design Can Help Build Your Customer Base

Posted by Isaac jacobs, on Sep, 2018
Whether you like it or not, in today’s technological world customers expect businesses to have a digital presence. In fact, it can almost feel as though you are invisible if you don’t have an available webpage for

How Can Tablet Repairs in Kansas City, MO Help You?

Posted by Isaac jacobs , on Sep, 2018
Over the course of the past few decades, computers have become much more versatile than most people thought. From computers the size of a room itself to a hand-held device that holds more technological power than the

What Do You Know About a VoIP Service Provider in Irvine, CA?

Posted by Isaac jacobs, on Aug, 2018
Ever since the first instance of the phone, well over one hundred years ago, the phone has started to earn its place as an important invention. When phones were still bulky and cumbersome, they were often used

How Web Design Pros Can Improve Your Site

Posted by Isaac jacobs, on Jul, 2018
Web design mistakes could be hurting your business and bottom line. Hiring an expert who can help you fix your site’s design can do a lot to drive back traffic to your site and increase your sales

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