Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring A Shopify Developer

by | Sep 16, 2015 | Web Development

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Hiring a professional web designer to complete an upgrade to an existing website, moving an ecommerce site to a better platform or even simply adding features to improve a site is an excellent investment in your future.

When you hire one of our experienced and expert Shopify developer and designers actually provide you with a complete team, and all are true experts when it comes to the Shopify platform. By hiring our team, you can avoid these common mistakes you may see when shopping around online.

One Size Fits All

The last thing anyone wants is to choose a Shopify developer with only one or two basic designs in their portfolio. Each website should be created with particular attention to the target audience, the types of products and services offered, and the needs for simplifying navigation.

Lack of Suggestions

Another mistake many people make when working with a website developer on a first ecommerce site is to accept the lack of input and suggestions from the professional. After all, you are hiring their expertise, and they should have ideas and suggestions that will enhance the website.

If the developer doesn’t ask questions or make suggestions, how will you know what is possible? The signs of a great Shopify professional is a person who not only can implement what you want but can customize tools, features and functions to meet your needs.

No Specific Shopify Experience

It’s amazing how many people are calling themselves Shopify developers without any experience with the platform. It’s different than other ecommerce platforms and like anything, the more time spent working on the platform the better the final product.

With an inexperienced designer or someone unfamiliar with Shopify you should expect a lot more glitches and problems as well as a longer time to get your website up and running.

Vague References

Any top Shopify team will be able to not only show website samples they have done, but also provide references. While it may seem old-fashioned to actually check up on a company, talking to one or two past clients can really help you to understand what to expect.

Remember, working with a Shopify design and development team should always be a positive experience. You will have the website you want and also have a group of professionals who are there to provide help and support as your business grows.

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