Meeting CARF BH Accreditation Standards

by | Sep 19, 2018 | IT Services

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Accreditation is a cornerstone in behavioral health programs, and even if your patients have no clue what the alphabet soup of acronyms stand for, the insurers, regulators, and referring entities will. CARF (Commission on Accredited Rehabilitation Facilities) accredited providers have a set of international standards in care that are clear and firm, governing aspects of the practice as client service, business practices, behavioral health programs and how they are delivered. The nonprofit foundation issues core treatment program standards for integrated behavioral health and primary care to treat the whole patient across a broad spectrum of care.

What are the Standards?
The 2018 CARF Standards Manual has an in-depth explanation of accreditation procedure. CARF standards for behavioral health providers are stringent, and accreditation is not guaranteed. Operators must submit the required written documentation to begin the process. The applicant starts by applying the CARF standards for behavioral health against current practices and then adjusts as necessary to conform to the standards set forth by CARF. A survey team composed of peers will then undertake an on-site survey that comprises interviews with staff, clients, and families consult with the practice on ways to further improve operations.

Standards Met – Year after Year
Once attaining CARF accreditation, the provider does not get to rest on their laurels. Providers must demonstrate that their commitment is ongoing and that they are dedicated to steadily improving the quality of their practice and service. These standards are internationally accepted and practiced, and by pursuing accreditation, practices demonstrated their dedication to measurable results in serving their community. Behavioral health is of ever-increasing importance and is a demonstrated aspect of overall public health. Behavioral health has a deep impact on how individuals progress in their physical health, and how they care for themselves. By adopting these standards, practices can improve the overall health of the communities they serve.

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