Many Uses of Intrusion Prevention Software

Posted by phineasgray, on Aug, 2012

Intrusion prevention software, also commonly referred to as an intrusion detection and prevention system, is a network security tool that monitors system activities including a network to protect the system from any form of intrusion. This type of software’s main role is to identify malicious activity and try to block it from taking place. These programs were created to act as extended software programs of intrusion detection systems, and the main aim of this software is to block as well as prevent detected intrusions.

Enhanced Security Solutions
Intrusion prevention software is configured in ways so they are able to send alarms whenever they detect any type of potential intrusion situation, they are also configured so they can easily reset connections as well as block malicious traffic coming from the IP address. The software intrusion security programs are also created for detecting cyclic redundancy check errors, help prevent TCP sequencing issues, and also cleaning up network layer options, as well as unwanted transport.

Prevention Software Uses
Intrusion prevention software is made for a number of different uses that include software utilized in monitoring whole networks by detecting malicious traffic, and to analyze procedural activity. The intrusion software covering this particular program is known as NIPS. Intrusion prevention programs dealing with wireless intrusion prevention commonly referred to as WIPS, is to monitor wireless networks that could be breached by malicious software by monitoring and analyzing the wireless networking protocols.

Network Security Applications
A security prevention software application which is programmed to deal with network behavior analysis examines network traffic in order to detect threats that bring in strange traffic flows, detect different kinds of malware, as well as policy violations. Additionally, there are systems that are incorporated known as a host-based intrusion prevention application programs which is installed to monitor singular hosts that may be hit by suspicious activity by measuring the activity occurring within the host. This adds an extra layer of protection against vulnerability.

Home Computer Security
All forms of these programs are designed with one goal in mind, which is strengthening web security. The software designed for Windows has a firewall that is located in the control panel, and is blended with the IPS online security module, and helps prevent break in. Many intrusion protection software companies are offering their programs for free online. This way, consumers are able to download them to prevent any intrusion from successfully attacking their personal computers within the home environment.

Cloud Access Intrusion prevention software helps to reduce downtime and increase productivity in an organizational setup.
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