Lead Time Management: Top Reasons to Shorten Your Lead Time

by | Dec 14, 2018 | Supply Chain Management

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Most everyone knows one of the biggest pluses of shipping in the United States versus shipping internationally is the fact you get your shipment faster. Superior lead time management allows for your designers to be more flexible and more creative, as well as creates more business and even more cash flow, because of the faster turnaround times. There are also many reasons it’s a good idea to shorten your lead time. Read on below to learn a few of the top reasons to shorten your lead time.

Fewer Lost Orders, More Reorders

With superior lead time management skills and shortening your lead time, you end up with fewer lost orders and even more reorders for products from your company. For example, if you notice one item in your inventory is moving faster than normal, a quick lead time can have that product up and ready to go when the next order comes in. This means shorter wait times for your customers and more reorders when they realize your company delivers, not only on time, but sometimes early as well.

Gives You More Flexibility

Having a shorter lead time gives you more flexibility to be creative. The ability to take your time and create even better ideas because your lead times for shipping are so short, will do nothing but make your business better and move you into a secure future much faster. Shortening your lead times have nothing but advantages if done the right way.

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