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A large number of people have flat roofs on their houses. One thing to note though is that these kinds of roofs tend to be susceptible to a wide range of damages. This is why if you have one of these roofs you will have to consider repair options from roofers in University Place, WA at least at one occasion. Your choice on these types of roofs will depend largely on your budget as well as the area that you live in.

  1. Single ply roofs: As the name suggests, these types of roofs will comprise of a single layer of either plastic material or of rubber material. The common substances that are used for this are the thermoplastic poly olefin or the polyvinyl chloride which is commonly known as PVC. These two types of materials are great when it comes to flat roof repair in University Place, WA as they are known to reflect heat. This is especially convenient for people who live in hot areas as you get cut down on your air conditioning costs too.
  2. Multiple ply roofs: These types of roofs comprise of layers of either felt roll or mats that have been separated using asphalt layers. Once they are in place, a covering layer is added onto them. This covering layer is made up of either small pebbles or of gravel in some cases. The pebbles and the gravel will protect the roof from any damages that it could get due to exposure.
  3. Modified bitumen roofs: As the name suggests, these roofs are made from modified bitumen. This is a material that comprises of both asphalt as well as a polymer. By mixing the asphalt with the polymer, the asphalt gets to have certain polymer characteristics thus making it look similar to single ply roofing. When it comes to roof repair using this type of roof, the modified bitumen roof is installed almost the same way as one would install the single ply roofing.
  4. Flat seamed metal roofing: This type of roofing is made up of copper sheets that look similar to tiles or shingles. The sheets are soldered so as to make them one cohesive roof. Custom Design Roofing LLC in University Place, WA will explain that this may be one of the more expensive alternatives. However, it is a good choice as it is lightweight and also quite heat reflective.

When it comes to roof repair and their replacement, you will find that you have a range of options to choose from for your new roof.

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