Examining the Benefits of Electronic Medical Records

by | Jan 16, 2019 | IT Services

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Electronic Medical Records have quickly become an important part of the medical field, but what exactly are the benefits of EMR and why should you be incorporating it into your practice? There is a laundry list of items, but a few of the most important are listed below:

The Benefits to the Patient

There are benefits to both the patient and the practice, but first, the patient benefits include an improved diagnosis which leads to better treatment. Additionally, you will have fewer errors in the personal health records which means that the danger to the patient significantly decreases. Ultimately, it leads to better personalized care and a much better quality of care.

The Benefits to the Practice

Doctors, nurses, and other health practitioners will experience massive benefits from EMR, the first being the ability to quickly transfer patient data. This saves on labor because you no longer need to physically walk the records to another part of the hospital; just click a button, and it’s there. This plays into the reduced operational costs that many talk about and will even cut down on overtime.

Apart from the labor reduction you also have the benefit of error reduction. Errors can cause issues with treatment and they can also cost you money. If you are running a private practice, you want to save all the money you can.

Finally, e-prescribing has never been easier than it is with an EMR system. A few clicks will allow you to send a prescription to the pharmacy, giving you back the precious time that you would have otherwise spent on the phone. As you can see, the benefits are endless to both you and the patient. The transition between paper and an EMR can be rough, but ultimately worth it.

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