Central Florida Provides EHR Software to Measure Outcome Measures

by | Aug 7, 2020 | Information Technology and Services

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If you are an owner or employee in a substance abuse treatment facility, you may be looking for new ways to interact with your patients without confounding patient records. This is especially true during the current pandemic, where it is not so easy to see patients in person. A Central Florida company provides EHR software to measure outcome measures in healthcare. To grasp what this software may be able to do for your facility, and what outcome measures in healthcare it can provide, take a look at the following.

Risks of Mortality and Mortality Rates

Nobody likes to think that patients in treatment facilities will pass away. However, patients who frequently return to the facility for another round of treatment may just be the ones at a higher risk if something cannot be done to help them change their ways. This software looks at risks of mortality in your treatment center, as well as mortality rates. It will help you recognize patterns in patients that lost their battles with addiction and look for new ways to treat these more challenging cases.

Assessments of Multiple Drug Use

Many patients seeking treatment for an addiction often have a primary and a secondary addiction. It is usually alcohol with some other drug, but sometimes patients may use multiple drugs. The software tracks how many patients you have coming into the facility that are regular users of more than two drugs and the types of drugs preferred by these patients. Recognizing the types of drugs and what may be the reasons behind why each patient prefers a particular “family” of drug helps your facility doctors create a more effective treatment plan tailored to each patient.

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