Benefits of Using a Single IT hardware Vendor

by | Jan 18, 2018 | Computers

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There are several reasons why you should use a single IT hardware vendor for all your networking requirements. In the past, several businesses would get away with mix and matching IT hardware from different IT hardware distributors and still end up with a great and functional network. However, things have changed with technological advancements and it will be more suitable to use a single vendor for all your IT hardware needs. Here are some of the benefits associated with using a single IT Hardware vendor.

  1. Better Planning and Design

The distributor you are using will help in providing you with roadmaps for future upgrades including offering updates on the upcoming technologies they will be offering. This will ensure your IT professionals have solid information concerning what the current network is capable of and what they will be doing in future.

  1. Faster Incident Resolution

It is difficult for IT administrators to control a multi vendor network. Dealing with issues that arise from such networks will also be difficult. If the network software is not able to talk or detect all the devices on a network, blind spots which are vulnerable to attack will be created.

  1. Standardized Security

The process of maintaining standard security on a given network is more challenging, especially if it is on a multi vendor network since it will require direct reconfiguration of the units which will slow down their deployment and generate more opportunities for human error. However, a system that is running on a single operating system is much easier to update and make changes.

  1. Discounts and Package Deals

Chances are high that a single refurbished IT vendor will offer you package deals, and extended services or discounts. Getting refurbished hardware will mean that you will get great discounts beyond what you can get from other stores.

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